BSK Design at The Greene Art Gallery

If you're looking for a special gift my website is a great place to start. If you see something that you like give me a call at 203.314.3250.

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Original abstract paintings, dichroic glass jewelry, holiday angels, cabinet knobs, and decorative glass are available at my studio in the Greene Art Gallery. You can also call me at 203 314-3250 or email me and I can send you photos and pricing.

Abstract Paintings

Fused Glass Art

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Dichroic Jewelry

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Architectural Glass

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BSK Design at Greene Gallery

Discover the Magic and Beauty of Art!

  • Abstract Paintings
  • Affordable dichroic glass jewelry
  • Fused glass plates that are functional works of art
  • Indoor and outdoor sculpture that combines metal and glass
  • Architectural elements including wall installations that divide living spaces
  • Home lighting
  • Judaica
  • Sculpture